YEAR PLANNER - 2013-14






























1. Formative Assessment 2














(Class III to X) (Activities)

2.Formative Assessment 1(Pen paper test)

























3. Summative Assessment I






rd/4 th Week








4. Formative Assessment 4 (Activities)














5. Formative Assessment 3 (Pen paper test)

























6. Summative Assessment II












3 rd Week


7. Unit Test & Half Yearly for Class XI (I, II & III)








Half Yearly






 Session Ending Exam

8. Pre Board Exam for Class XII (I & II)








1st Pre Board


2nd Pre-Board




(3rd/4th Week)

(II Week)

9. Junior Science Olympiad














10. Junior Mathematics Olympiad (KVS level)














11. Youth Parliament

As per the schedule given by Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs


(a) RO level














(b) Zonal level














12. Publication of Patrika/House Magazine














13. Investiture Ceremony














14. Book Week

Proposed Period- 1st Week of August                                                                  TO BE DECIDED BY DEPUTY COMMISIONER OF THE REGION


15. Wild Life Week














16. Social Science Exhibition














a) KV/Cluster level














b) RO  level














c) KVS level














17. Science Exhibition














a) KV level














b) RO Level














c) KVS level














18. Annual Day of School

  Proposed Date-02-05-2013


  Proposed Date-October


19. School Sports Day

  Training daily between 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm


20. Coaching Camps(Sports)



21. Sports & Team Games














a) Cluster level














b)Regional  level














c) National level














22. Scouting & Guiding














a)Group - Cluster/L.A.

Patrol Leaders Trg Camp







7th Nov.Flag Day



22nd Feb.Thinking Day 



b) District







Standard Judging Camp

Tritrya Sopan Testing Camp






c) RO level

Div. Level Trainers Team Meet













d) KVS level

Rajya Puruskar testing camp

HWB Courses


State Association Meet

State Level Trainers Team Meet


State Executive Meet


State Level Adventure Camp


State Executive Meet




e) NHQ






Rashtrapati Scout Guide Award Testing Camp

NAI Level Adventure Camp





23. Students Health Check up





I round to be completed






II round to be completed



24. School Excursion














25. KVS Foundation Day














26. KVS Adventure Activities







i) Grand Parents  Day

 Proposed -   Date-16-11-13


ii) Bal Divas And Community Lunch

14-11-13 Community Lunch every month one Class 


iii) Cluster Level Sports Under CMP

Proposed -    2nd week of September         


iv) Cluster Level CCA Under CMP

Proposed-     1st week of September       


v) Regional Level CMP Meeting



vi) Cluster level CMP Meeting(I,II & III)

Proposed-      July 4th week,October 4th week, January 4th week                                           TO BE DECIDED BY DEPUTY COMMISIONER OF THE REGION


vii) Cluster Lever Cubs & Bulbul Utsav

Proposed-      2nd  week of November


28. CO-Curriculam Activites














A) Primary Section

12/04/2013- House Distribution 26/04/2013- House Captain Selection

30/05/2013- English Handwriting Compt.


06/07/2013-Cca Inauguration and Oath Taking Ceremony 12/07/2013--Hindi Handwriting

02/08/2013-Envelope Making Compt.

06/09/2013-Best Use of Waste

04/10/2013-Mehendi Compitition

01/11/2013-Rangoli Compt.

06/12/2013-Greeting Card making Compt.





19/07/2013-Clay Modelling Compt.

16/08/2013-Rakhi Making Compt.

14/09/2013 to 30/09/2013- Hindi Pakhwara

25/10/2013-Quiz Compt.

08/11/2013-Slogan Writing Compt.

13/12/2013-Collage Compt.


23/08/2013-Boquet Making Compt.



15/11/2013-fancy Dress Compt.



30/08/2013-Drawing Competition



22/11/2013- Hindi Varnmala Writing Compt.






29/11/2013-Advt. making Compt.


B) Secondary Section

06/04/2013-House Division07/04/13World Health Day

04/05/2013-Art out of Waste

29/06/13 Hindi Essay Writing Comp.

06/07/2013-CCA Inauguration & Oath taking Ceremony

03/08/2013-Group Song(Patriotic)


01/10/2013-International Day of  Old Age

02/11/2013-Rangoli Making Compt.

01/12/2013-World AIDS Day/NAEP Programme

04/01/2014-Hindi Poem Recitation Compt. 12/01/2014-Vivekanand's Birth Day/National Youth Day

01/02/2014-Slogan Writing Compt.22/02/2014-Baden Pawel Birth Day

08/03/2014-International Women's Day



11/07/2013-World Population Day

15/08/2013-Independence Day

05/09/2013-Teachers Day 07/09/13- Collage Making Compt.

02/10/2013-Gandhi Jayanti & Lal Bahadur Shashtri Birthday

10/11/2013-World Science Day

02/12/2013-National Polution Day 07/12/2013-Greeting Making Compt.

23/01/2014-SubhashChandra Bose's Birthday

28/02/2014-National Science Day

Dr. Ambedkar Birth Day

20/07/2013-English Debate Compt.

17/08/2013-Drawing And Painting Compt.

08/09/2013World Literacy Day

05/10/2013-NAEP(a programme on Life Skills

11/11/2013-National Education Day

10/12/2013-Human Rights Day

24/01/2014-Girl Child Day


18/04/2013-World Heritage Day22/04/13Earth Day

27/07/2013Rakhi Making Compt.

20/08/2013-Sadbhavna Divas(Rajiv Gandhi's Birthday

14/09/2013 to 30/09/2013-Hindi Pakhwara

24/10/2013-United Nation Day

14/11/2013-Children's Day

14/12/2013-National Energy Conservation Day

26/01/2014-Republic Day


27/04/2013-Hindi Sulekh (Handwriting in Hindi)

31/07/2013-Munshi Premchand's Birthday

24/08/2013-Sanskrit Shloka Recitation

28/09/2013-Salad & Flower Decoration Decoration


16/11/2013-English Essay Writing Compt.

15/12/2013-KVS Foundation Day

30/01/2014-Martyr's Day




27/08/2013-Mother Teresa's Birthday 31/08/13-Classroom Decoration Compt.



23/11/2013-Solo Song,Geet,Ghazals Compt. 30/11/2013-Food Festival

22/12/2012-Greeting Card Making    



29.Sports Activities

1 Selection/Identification of Talent for Various Sports/Games.

1.Commencement of Training Camp for Various School Sports Teams

1.Arrangement of various Games/Sports team kits.

1.Preparation/coaching for Student/Players for KVS National Meet.

1.Analysis of Sport Performance.

CCE Assessment of All Students in Physical & Health Education.



2.Commencement of Conditioning of Players

2.Seeking of Parents Consent & Medical Certificates of Selected Students for KVS Meet.

2.Sending of students for KVS Regional Sports.

2.Sending of players for KVS Nationals.

2.Preparation of team/players of quality for SGFI Games.

3.Improvement in Sports Ground Layout(Track,Hockey,Basketball,

3.Annual Sports Meet(Athletics)

3.Prepration of student  selected at Regional  level for further Meets.

3.Organisation of Mini Sports Meet.

3.Medical Check-up of Students.

Kabaddi & Handball

4.Maintenance & Improvement of Various Play Grounds.

4.Conduction of handball for Girls

4.Interhouse  Football & Cricket.


4.Inter-Class/House Basketball, Cricket,Football,Throwball,Kabaddi,


 Inter House preparation









30. Students Health Check-up

Will be done round the year Classwise


31. Students Council





Monthly Meetings




(every 1st Saturday of the month)

32. Holidays

19th-  Ram Navami

25th Buddha Purnima



9th  Id-ul-Fitr  

5th-Pola       9th Ganesh Chaturthi

2nd Gandhi jayanti

2nd- Deewali SouthIndia                    3rd- Diwali






24th Mahavir Jayanthi

15th Independence Day

11th to 20th Autumn Break

14th Muharram



 20th Raksha Bandhan


17th-Gurunanak's  B'Day






25th Christmas





24th  to 12-01-2014Winter Break

33. Monitoring














a) Observation of Assignment Copies

3rd Week-XII 



2nd Week Hindi & Sanskrit

2nd Week Maths

2nd Week Science

2nd Week So.Std.

2nd Week English

2nd Week Hindi & Sanskrit

2nd Week Maths & Science

2nd Week So.Std.



4th Week- X

10th-11 th-X

3rd Week English

b) Subject Committee Meetings

Every month 4th Week Monday - English, Tuesday - Hindi & Sanskrit, Wednesday - Maths, Thursday - Science, Friday - So. Sc.


c) Safety & Security Supervision(Including Cleanliness)

Every 3rd Saturday


d) Academic Monitoring

Every month 1st Week


e) Terrace Cleaning

3rd Saturday of every month


f) Store Checking

4th Saturday of every month


g) Labs/ Depts. Cleanliness

2nd Week of every month


h) Garden/ Beautification

3rd week of every month


i) Stock verification














34. Administration & Finance Accounts














a) VMC














b) School Fund / VVN  quarterly statement














c) Rajbhasha Report/Review meetings














d) BE 2013-14 & RE 2012-13














e) Income Tax Proposal











Final Settlement



f) Condemnation














g) Condemnation proposals














h) Annual Accounts














i) Monthly Statements/ Reports

Every month by 5th


j) Quarterly Reports

Every quarter by 5th


k) Service Verification














l) Leave Entry














m) Annual Increments














35. Implementataion of CCE/Periodical Reviews

Last day of every month


36. Stock taking of protection of Child rights

3rd Saturday of every month